Professional Children’s Dentist in Las Vegas, NV

When you're looking for a Pediatric Dentist in Las Vegas or Henderson, you want someone who you can trust and who your children will actually look forward to seeing. Toothfairy Children's Dental takes pride in providing excellent dental care to children in the city of Las Vegas and Henderson in Nevada. Like other well trained pediatric dentists, our dentists are skillful and know how to work well with children. We are dedicated to providing a caring, gentle approach to pediatric dentistry.

Our Goals

We want to make sure that every patient we see doesn't fear the dentist. We want to lay out the foundation of a fun dental experience for your child to take onto his or her adult life. We want to take the fear away from children's dentistry and allow patients to relax, while providing excellent service and care. We provide dental care to pediatric patients and mentally compromised patients. We provide care to patients who have had bad experiences with other dentists and change them to trust and like going to the dentist again. We provide quality and caring dental services to patients from birth to twenty-one. No other children’s dentist in Las Vegas and Henderson has the pedigree and experience like Toothfairy Children's Dental. It is our mission to provide excellent dental care as your children grow. Good dental hygiene is one of the cores of having a healthy life. Many studies have shown the connection between heart disease and disease such as Gingivitis and periodontal disease, so it is very important to take care of your teeth at an early age, not only for your teeth's sake but your whole body.

Kids Dentist Serving Las Vegas and Henderson, NV

We offer a comprehensive approach to children's dentistry. Many children’s dentists in Las Vegas and Henderson do not specialize in children. We limit our practice to pediatric patients. A well trained pedodontist in Las Vegas and Henderson can be a very difficult person to find. We provide everything from checkups and cavity prevention and treatment. Our patients are placed on six month recall visits to be monitored. When the child is ready we will provide care to prevent future orthodontic treatment. We are capable of providing other aspects of dentistry that other pedodontists do not such as root canals, extractions, implants, gum surgeries… So when your child requires other more specialized treatments, you can count on us to be knowledgeable to provide your child comprehensive care. You will not need to be referred out to other dentists that you have not establish trust with. Our dentists put kids at ease so that every visit is a breeze. We take the fear out of dental visits. We offer nitrous oxide, a laughing gas that helps ease our fearful patients. We also provide hospital dentistry where all your child’s dental needs can be done in one visit while your child is resting peacefully.

A Wonderful Experience

Your children will love our Disney themed rooms with their favorite cartoon characters embedded right on the wall. We encourage children to explore our office, have fun, look around and enjoy our waiting room. We've packed the place with colors kids love. It's a wonderful place and we're proud to offer experienced children's dentistry in Las Vegas and Henderson. Our staff is enthusiastic, compassionate and will communicate with your kids on their own level. They always explain every diagnoses and treatment plan to parents.

If you want to experience dentistry from the view of a child, then visit our offices in Henderson and Las Vegas. Call us to schedule your child’s dentist appointment. We help kids get the proper dental care they need to put them on a path towards beautiful smiles.